Your Pup Will Dig This Dog Charcuterie Board Trend

Celebrate your pup with barkcuterie.

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Charcuterie boards have become a trend that you can repurpose for any occasion—whether it’s for Christmas, for brunch, or for a pizza party.

But why should humans be the only ones to enjoy these platters? Our pups deserve some fun of their own. When you want to spoil your pup and all of their four-legged friends, pull inspiration from our dog charcuterie board as well as boards from other creators.

How to Make Our Dog Charcuterie Board

close up of "Barkuterie" dog charcuterie Board on light blue wood surface with dogs leash, toys, and treats aroundTMB Studio

While this board is all kinds of fun, please remember to keep recommended serving sizes for dogs in mind. You may not want to place the board on the ground, especially if your dog is the type to snatch up all food in sight. Instead, get individually sized bowls or plates and create personalized picks for each pup, so there’s no chance of them overeating and getting sick. Invite as many puppy friends over as possible—your dog will need the help!



Step 1: Get the bowls ready

Scoop some peanut butter into one small bowl and plain yogurt into another. Don’t forget the spoons for easy scooping.

Then, place two dog-themed cookie cutters down on the board, and fill them with blueberries.

Step 2: Pile on the produce

Next, add scattered groups of green beans, carrots, apple slices and watermelon to the board, leaving space for the dog treats next.

Step 3: Load up with treats

Now, the fun part! Put a handful of duck jerky tenders, high protein biscuits and mini chicken dog treats on the spread. Sprinkle a few pawprint- and bone-shaped Cesar Softies mini dog treats on top of the peanut butter and yogurt for a little extra festivity.

Step 4: Finish with the cheese slices

Take the cheddar and mozzarella cheese slices, and use other dog-themed cookie cutters to create shapes from the cheese, like bones or your favorite dog breeds. Layer a few cut slices on top of each other, and then scatter the rest sporadically on top of the other foods on your dog charcuterie board to tie everything together.

Step 5: Top with a bone!

The perfect “cherry on top” for dogs is the big bone in the middle of the board.

Other Dog Charcuterie Boards

This dog charcuterie board from @grazehaus on TikTok uses some of the same ingredients, but also includes celery, raspberries and turkey. By including meat on the board, your pup won’t have to be jealous when they see you enjoying a slice of prosciutto from your human charcuterie board!

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This board from @kampers_kitchen is cute as can be too. They even put tennis balls in the spread, so the fun continues even after snack time is over.

Other Items to Put on a Barkcuterie Board

Basically, you can put anything on your dog charcuterie board that your pet loves, and is safe for them to eat. We’ve compiled a list of human foods safe for dogs that can be beneficial for your pup. Many fruits and veggies are fair game, and meats like cooked chicken or baked fish will pack protein.

You could also go the sweet route by making dog cupcakes (AKA pupcakes) or even a small dog cake that will impress not only your dog, but their owners, too. Just make sure you don’t forget homemade dog treats—whether you prefer to make peanut butter dog treats, bacon dog treats or sweet potato dog treats.

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