DIY Spa Gift Basket Idea for Mom

Moms work hard! Treat your mom (grandma, aunt or BFF) to a relaxing day at the home spa. We'll show you how to make the perfect gift basket.

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In life, one thing’s for sure: Moms work hard! Between careers, PTA meetings, soccer practice, volunteering and cooking up a storm, it’s amazing what moms are able to accomplish. But after all that running around, it’s safe to say that moms deserve a little time to kick back. But if your mom is anything like mine, she’ll need a bit of encouragement to take some time to herself. So why not treat her to a gift basket that she’ll not only love, but surely appreciate when she need a little quiet. Here’s how to put together the perfect basket for the superstar mom (or grandma, aunt, BFF or sister) in your life.

Step 1: Find the perfect spa goodies

A truly special gift basket should include everything for a relaxing day at the (home) spa. This means everything from bath bombs for a relaxing soak to candles and reed diffusers to really set the mood. You can even whip up a few spa treatments at home for that extra special homemade touch. If you need a few ideas to get you going, check out our picks below.

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Step 2: Make it a presentation

Once you’ve assembled all your giftables, you want to be sure to tie them all up with a bow so to speak. Find a pretty and functional basket and fill it with tissue or decorative paper shreds and arrange all those wonderful gifts inside. This presentation not only looks great for gifting, but it can look great waiting to be used on the vanity.

Step 3: Let Mom know she’s loved

After creating this specially curated gift basket, be sure to include a note to let your loved one know how much she’s truly appreciated and how much she deserves to be pampered.

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