Disney World Has A Secret Cinnamon Roll Burger You Need To Track Down

For those dedicated enough to scout out this secret menu item, the Disney World Cinnamon Roll Burger is a sweet, savory treat.

Disney is known for hiding different edible treasures in its parks and resorts, like some corn dog nachos discovered at Disneyland earlier this year. One item to keep an eye out for at Disney World is their secret Cinnamon Roll Burger, which is a sweet and savory combo that may very well trump the donut burger.

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

As Disney Food Blog reports, getting to this burger requires a trip to the park’s All-Star Movies resort. Head to the World Premiere Food Court, and ask a cast member at the ROXY counter about the secret menu items.

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

By doing so, you’ll receive an old-school Viewmaster that contains a list of the hidden items. These include a poutine, a bacon mac and cheese dog, and the cinnamon roll burger. That brunch-themed burger mashup also contains white American cheese and candied bacon, and is served alongside fries and coleslaw.

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

Disney Food Blog writer AJ seemed to enjoy the burger, saying that the “light and airy” cinnamon roll works well with the denser fillings inside of the sandwich.

The cinnamon roll burger does come at a hefty price of $14.99 for the entire meal. If you’re willing to pay up, though, you’ll be able to walk away from Disney World saying you’ve devoured one of the more gluttonous secret menu items out there.

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