This Mom Makes Disney-Inspired Fruit Plates for Her Son—and the Photos Are INCREDIBLE

You have to check out this edible Disney artwork!

We love a beautiful cheese board. (Who can resist the arranged abundance of food artfully displayed on a platter?) Now, thanks to stay-at-home orders that started in March, home cooks have had plenty of time for creativity.

We’d like to introduce you to… fruit boards! Instagram account @edible_food_art_for_kids has gone above and beyond with her eye-catching arrangements.

These Are No Ordinary Fruit Plates

Sarah Lescrauwaet-Beach, the mom who created the Instagram account, started the project to get her children to eat good food. It’s no secret that kids—OK, most of us, too—are tempted by food that’s colorful and interesting.

What Sarah created is so much better than a few apple slices or a handful of grapes on a plate. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say her fruit boards are masterpieces! In particular, the detailed Disney-themed fruit plates really caught our eye.

Just check out this display featuring Mickey Mouse and Pluto. You can see the creative use of kiwis, but Sarah also used grapes, watermelon, orange, melon and plum to complete her edible image.

Mickey and Pluto are just the tip of the iceberg. Scenes from Madagascar, Peter Pan and The Princess and the Frog have also gotten the fruit portrait treatment.

It’s Time to Get Creative

Even if you’re not a Van Gogh in the kitchen, you can still try your hand at creating a fruit and cheese board. Beginners might want to start with our fruit salad recipes, then work their way up to tackling a Disney masterwork. Good luck!

Krista Garcia
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