Disney Holiday Charcuterie Boards Are Full of Cheer—Here’s How to Make One

We love the idea of making Disney charcuterie boards for Christmas.

To start, charcuterie boards were simply boards or serving trays filled with meats, cheese and accompaniments like nuts and fruit. At some point, though, people discovered the concept and went wild with it, making cheese plates that were bigger and better than ever before.

Lately, Disney fans have ushered in a new trend: making charcuterie boards based on some of the company’s best-known characters. Now, this trend has gotten a seasonal makeover. People are using iconic characters like Mickey Mouse to create Disney holiday charcuterie boards that look dazzling and delicious.

The Disney Holiday Charcuterie Boards We Love

Disney Parks Blog showcases a few examples, including an inventive hot chocolate board. This board calls for all of the cocoa fixings you could dream of: mini marshmallows, chopped nuts, whipped topping, chocolate sauce, candy canes, white chocolate pretzel rods, plus Disney hot chocolate bombs.

Another variation features everything you might need for a leisurely breakfast. This board highlights mini waffles shaped like Mickey, surrounded by toppings like chocolate chips, mixed fruit, yogurt and powdered sugar.

You can take inspiration from the setup below to recreate this board at home. Use a round tray for Mickey’s head and two bowls for his ears. Cute! You can also Disney-ify one of these Christmas charcuterie boards.

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How to Make Disney Charcuterie at Home

Charcuterie boards are one of those things that sound fancier than they are. Thankfully, they’re easy to put together! There aren’t any hard and fast rules to creating these masterpieces. You can follow our basic guidelines to get started, then let your sense of creativity take over.

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