Disney Just Shared How to Make Its Famous Fried Pickles at Home, and We’re Dill-ighted

No one knows how to make deep-fried pickles like Disneyland!

There’s a good reason so many sandwiches come with pickles. They’re pretty much the perfect side: salty, crunchy and satisfying without weighing you down. And there are so many types of pickles—dill, bread and butter, sweet… the list goes on. It’s almost impossible not to find a pickle you enjoy.

That’s why we’re so excited about Disney’s latest recipe release: fried pickles! If you’ve already made Mickey Mouse beignets, French toast, Dole whip and other Disney quarantine releases, here’s a new snack to whip up ASAP.

What Is This Disneyland Delight?

This fried pickle recipe hails from Disneyland Park on Main Street, U.S.A. You can find ’em at the Carnation Café, which has dished out these deep-fried treats since 2012.

They’re plenty tasty on their own, but of course Disney recommends making a zesty dipping sauce, which sounds mouthwatering. You can experience all this fried pickle magic from the comfort of your own home. (But if you’re thinking of heading back to Disney anytime soon, you should expect some changes.)

How to Make Disney’s Fried Pickles

This recipe isn’t too tricky at all. You’ll need pickle spears, of course—here’s the brand we recommend. The sauce uses sriracha, ranch, lime juice, mayo, salt and pepper, and it’ll take only a couple minutes to whisk together. The most time-consuming part of making the fried pickles is creating the coating, which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Plus, it uses ingredients you already have, like Parmesan cheese, flour, eggs, canola oil and breadcrumbs.

If you’re looking to add crunch to your lunch, check out Disney’s step-by-step instructions.

In the end, we think the hardest part about the recipe is probably waiting for these to cool before chowing down!

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