Disney Is Launching Its Own Food Channel!

Here's everything you need to know about Disney Eats, the new online food channel.

Disney is famous for its classic family-friendly films and outrageously popular theme parks, but they might be having a culinary moment, too! The food at Disney World and Disneyland has made the parks even more of a destination, if that’s even possible. From the classic Dole Whip and some enchanted churros to a secret cinnamon roll burger, there’s always something delicious at Disney.

Now you can bring Disney’s magical eats into your family’s kitchen with the brand-new Disney Eats, a web-based cooking channel with shows that encourage “co-cooking.” The idea is to bring together kids with parents and grandparents to cook amazing food and strengthen relationships. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the food is all adorable and inspired by popular Disney characters! The videos look to be released on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

You’re going to love the promo:

Shows on Disney Eats

The YouTube channel currently has Disney-themed pancake and cupcake videos for legendary characters like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Winnie the Pooh. (You honestly can’t go wrong with cupcakes for kids!) But you can expect more TV-like original series soon, including:

  • Tiny Kitchen: chefs create mini replicas of foods from Disney movies
  • Kitchen Little: kiddos team up with celebrity chefs to whip up Disney-themed recipes
  • Must Be Science: the worlds of food and science come together with Disney food experiments in the kitchen

We’re so excited! The Disney Eats videos, which are created in partnership with Tastemade, will be original content that encourages healthy eating habits and cooking together as a family. We love bringing kids into the kitchen, and know Disney’s videos are sure to be a hit!

Meanwhile, make these Disney-inspired recipes at home:

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