Disney Is Selling a Cookie Butter Milkshake Topped with a Whole Cupcake

This decadent Disney milkshake is two desserts in one.

Sometimes Christmas treats are simple—think plates filled with classic frosted sugar cookies. But we also love when Christmas cheer comes in over-the-top creations. That’s certainly the case with the new Disney cookie butter milkshake. It has a whole cupcake on top!

Here’s everything you need to know about cookie butter.

You’ll Have to See It to Believe It

We hesitate to even call this glorious concoction a milkshake, since it’s pretty much a drink and dessert all in one. Sure, there’s a milkshake under there that’s made with cookie butter, but it’s jazzed up with a festive blend of red and green syrup and finished with a layer of icing and red, white and green star-shaped sprinkles. But that’s not all—the frosted milkshake is then topped with a red velvet cupcake!

No basic cupcake, this version is filled with cream, decorated with a generous dollop of bright green buttercream and finished with a star cookie wafer, edible glitter, more of those holiday-themed sprinkles, and the crowning glory: chocolate Mickey Mouse ears.

How to Create Your Own Disney Magic at Home

Disney Food Blog was lucky enough to try the cookie butter milkshake. It’s found at the Beaches & Cream Soda Shop in the Disney World Beach Club Resort for $15, which isn’t bad for two desserts in one. But that means if you want to experience this delicious dessert in person, you’ll have to head to the Disney resort. As an added bonus, though, the whole thing is served in a souvenir Disney jar.

For those of us who can’t make it to Florida right now, Disney has been sharing popular recipes from its parks, like the cinnamon-and-sugar laden churros, the famous Dole whip, Mickey Mouse pretzels and more. We know it’s not the same as being there, but maybe your kitchen could be the happiest place on earth!

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