Disney Just Announced a New ‘Disney Community’—a Neighborhood Where You Can Actually Live

Disney's doing it again, and we can't wait.

Whether you’re a loyal Disney fan or not, you know the stories, the movies, the theme parks, the legacy. “Disney-themed” is a catch-all phrase nowadays—the company is doing the absolute most.

Everything Disney does is big, from Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration to the food on their signature menus. While the company might have a lot of secrets, its next grand venture is open to absolutely everybody. That’s right: Disney is creating residential neighborhoods where you can actually live.

The news of these Disney community plans dropped on the Disney Parks Blog just two days ago, and we’re already planning a visit. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney’s announcement about Storyliving by Disney.

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What Will They Look Like?

Living in one of these neighborhoods is a bit different from booking a weekend in Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle Suite, but like anything Disney does, we are expecting it to be magical.

Disney reps have shared that future residents can expect a community and closeness similar to a small town, all within the comforts of a resort-like setting. This means amenities like wellness programs, philanthropic efforts, entertainment, seminars and more, along with an experienced Disney service cast. If you’ve been to any Disney location, you know these guys know all about curating the perfect experience. And, like anything Disney does, these new Storyliving by Disney communities will have those signature flairs you just can’t miss.

The First Disney Community

Work has already begun on the very first Disney community, Cotino, which will be situated between the mountains of the Coachella Valley in Rancho Mirage, California. This is a nod to Walt himself, who had a home in the Palm Springs area, according to CNBC.

Other locations have yet to be announced, but Disney reps have assured that each neighborhood will have its own distinct personality based on location. While we wait for more details, fans can expect Cotino to provide access to shopping, leisure, dining, a hotel—even a bright-blue oasis in the center of the desert community.

Hannah Twietmeyer
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