You’ll See Less ‘Diet’ Soda on Shelves Soon—Here’s Why

Since the '50s, diet soda has been a mainstay in grocery stores. But that could be changing soon.

Did you know the first carbonated drink was created back in the 1700s? It’s true! It was a bit different than the soda we know and love today, but it’s always been a beloved drink the world over. The sugar-laden beverage has captured our hearts all the way from Coca-Cola and Pepsi to Dr. Pepper and root beer! Then, in the ’50s, low-calorie diet soda became a grocery store mainstay.

You might not be seeing much “diet” soda on the shelves much anymore, though.

Why Is Diet Soda Disappearing?

It has a lot to do with the younger generations. Gen Z-ers and Millennials, as well as a few other demographics, have expressed disinterest in the word “diet.” Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer at PepsiCo Beverages North America, has said, “No Gen Z wants to be on a diet these days. Younger people just don’t like the word ‘diet’.”

Diet Soda vs. Zero Sugar Soda

The word “diet” may be disappearing from shelves and replaced with “zero sugar.” So what does this mean? Basically, it’s a marketing overhaul. Soda companies want to actively move away from the word “diet” on products to appeal to more new customers. It’s a common thing for companies to assess their products and adapt to the changing world around them. And diet sodas (like the new Coke Zero) in general have started selling at even higher rates in the past few years.

Since younger generations are starting to become their own consumers (rather than rely on their parents), many companies have decided to opt for the “zero sugar” label. Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper Zero, Sprite Zero…you get the idea! But don’t worry…your favorite diet soda isn’t going anywhere.

Will Diet Coke Still Be a Thing?

There’s no need to worry about your go-to diet soda disappearing. While companies may be changing boxes, marketing and general branding, diet sodas will still be available, just under a different name. And Diet Coke isn’t going anywhere soon!

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