Is Diet Coke and Espresso the New Drink of the Summer?

People are calling this zingy drink the "perfect post-dinner beverage."

Cola Only Diet Coke And Espresso Nicole Doster/Taste of Home

When you think of summer drinks, you probably think of sippable, fruity spritzers. But this summer, users on social media are trying out a new, fizzy blend of diet coke and espresso. While mixing cola and espresso isn’t new—the 2023 version specifically calls for diet coke. So, here’s everything you need to about this year’s TikTok-famous diet coke and espresso, including what it tastes like and how you can make it yourself.

What Is a Diet Coke and Espresso?

A diet coke and espresso is simply a glass of diet coke—not to be confused with coke zero—over ice with a shot of espresso added. Traditionally, a squeeze of lemon tops off the sweet beverage. TikToker Joe Hegyes (@bequietjoe) shared a short video of himself making the beverage on May 24, which has since received over 407,000 views. Check it out for yourself below:

@bequietjoe Replying to ♬ Volare – Dean Martin

How Are People Responding to the Diet Coke and Espresso?

While Hegyes calls the diet coke and espresso the “perfect post-dinner beverage,” other users aren’t so sure. One commenter on the video writes, “I feel like you’re pranking me.” However, the next few comments are much more positive:

  • “I’ve been having Coke Americanos for ten years and I’m TOTALLY fine”
  • “i’m gonna cry if i don’t get to drink this expeditiously”
  • “trying this IMMEDIATELY”

As a reminder, diet coke has a lot of caffeine in it, so before you try this combination, make sure you’re prepared for that. We also tested it to give you the full picture before making it yourself!

What Does the Diet Coke and Espresso Taste Like?

Completed Diet Coke And Espresso Nicole Doster/Taste of Home

According to my sources—Taste of Home Content Director Nicole Doster—the diet coke and espresso is tasty, but packs a major caffeine punch.

When explaining the process of making the drink, she said, “It was quick and simple to make, which is necessary for a midday pick-me-up.” According to Nicole, the diet coke and espresso “tastes overwhelmingly like a strong cold brew, with fruity carbonation. I added an extra squeeze of lemon juice for a fresh, summery flavor.” In terms of drawbacks, she mentioned that “the drink definitely did hit me over the head with a caffeine rush, similar to the feeling of sipping an energy drink.” In conclusion, “It won’t replace my morning iced lattes, but it’s definitely something I can see myself drinking on the patio this summer or if I’m ever in need of an energy boost!” If you’re also in need of an energy boost, these energy-boosting smoothies also do the trick.

How Can I Make the Diet Coke and Espresso?

Ingredients for a Diet Coke And EspressoNicole Doster/Taste of Home

If you’d like to try the energy-boosting diet coke and espresso yourself, first you’ll need access to an espresso machine. If you don’t have one at home, but still want to try the diet coke and espresso, you can always order a shot to go from your local café. Next, you’ll need a can of diet coke, a tall glass, ice and a lemon wedge. Pour the ice in the glass first, followed by the diet coke, espresso shot and squeeze of lemon. Et voilà!

What Other Summer Drinks Can I Make?

If the diet coke and espresso isn’t your thing, rest assured there are plenty of other options. Try our favorite summer punch recipes or a classic lemonade. If you’re feeling feisty, you can even opt for our favorite tequila cocktails.

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