Denny’s Is Selling a Spooky, Blue Sandwich on Halloween in Honor of the Blue Moon

It's the first time in 76 years that the blue moon has landed on Halloween—and Denny's is celebrating in the tastiest way.

We’re seriously closing in on Halloween, and you know what that means—all the terrifying treats we can only enjoy once a year. Now’s the time to get your fill of Disney’s Halloween recipes and all the scary-good secret menu Starbucks drinks you crave. But if you’re planning a frightfully freaky Halloween, you’ll have to start the day out with something spooky—and Denny’s has just the thing.

For a limited time only—and we mean a limited time—Denny’s is bringing back the Moons Over My Hammy breakfast sandwich with a twist. It’s totally blue in honor of the blue moon, which will fall on Halloween this year for the first time in 76 years. Here’s why you need to treat yourself to Denny’s on Halloween morning.

You’ll Be Howling at the Moon for This Breakfast

If you’re a Denny’s fan, you were probably as disappointed as we were when the Moons Over My Hammy breakfast sandwich disappeared from menus. The good news is it’s back and bluer than ever, thanks to the blue moon, which will be appearing on Halloween night. Denny’s decided to toe outside the box for the Blue Moons Over My Hammy—opting for a sapphire sourdough instead of blue eggs and ham. (Sorry, Dr. Seuss.)

This sandwich features the classic ingredients we crave from a traditional Moons Over My Hammy: eggs, ham and Swiss and American cheese all wrapped up in two slices of blue sourdough. While the blue bread may seem a little off-putting, we can’t deny this Halloween treat stands out from the crowd. Even if you’re not keen on the blue bread, you have to admit the new look is Instagram worthy!

When and Where to Dig In

If you’re craving a Blue Moons Over My Hammy, you’ll have to wait until Halloween. This sandwich is only being offered for one day—the spookiest one of the year, in fact—and will disappear as quickly as the blue moon. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on this offer at just any Denny’s. The promotion is only available at 20 Denny’s locations in the greater Miami-Dade area in Florida.

While you’ll have to forego the blue bread if you live outside of Florida, you can still recreate the Moons Over My Hammy at home tomorrow morning. Just sandwich some ham, Swiss and American cheese, scrambled eggs and whatever other toppings you crave between two pieces of Texas Toast, and voila! You’ve got a breakfast sandwich that would have any werewolf saying “awoo!” at first bite.

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