You Can Find Deep Dish Pizza-Flavored Lay’s at Costco Right Now!

Craving a taste of Chicago? Lay's is making Deep Dish Pizza potato chips that will hit the spot.

Remember when Lay’s released regional potato chip flavors through their “Taste of America” program? Back in 2018, we got eight delicious flavors, and one that we remember fondly is Deep Dish Pizza. Inspired by ‘za from Giordano’s, this Lay’s chip flavor is making a comeback.

You can now stock up on giant bags of Deep Dish Pizza-flavored Lay’s at your nearest Costco!

Did you say pizza-flavored potato chips?

Yes! It’s two of our favorite savory junk foods combined into one. Giordano’s is a popular deep dish pizza chain in the Midwest, so you know these chips are going to taste just like the real thing. There’s even Parmesan and Romano cheese on the chips!

Deep Dish Pizza chips were part of the “Taste of America” chip line a year ago, and now the flavor is back at Costco, says @costcoinsider on Instagram. So if you aren’t able to make it to Chicago for some authentic deep dish, grab a bag of pizza-flavored chips and snack away.

Craving the real thing? Try out this recipe for deep-dish sausage pizza.

I need a bag! Can I get one without a Costco membership?

The best place to get your hands on these chips seems like Costco. Don’t have a Costco membership? (After learning about these Costco secret shopping tips, you’ll want to sign up!) You don’t need to worry, since Deep Dish Pizza-flavored Lay’s are also showing up on Target’s website. will let you purchase a bag of chips for $3.19.

You better hurry if you want to snag a bag, though. We’re expecting this salty snack to sell out quickly, just like the Fried Pickles with Ranch chips. Yum!

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