Dairy Queen’s Secret Menu Has a Sprinkle Core Dipped Cone—Here’s How to Order It

There's no such thing as too many sprinkles.

Dairy Queen is a magical part of summer, and the most fun to be had at DQ might be on the secret menu. From the vintage Jack and Jill Sundae and Peanut Butter Bash to the Butterbeer Blizzard, some of the best things to eat at Dairy Queen aren’t super well-known.

The latest off-menu item earning rave reviews is the Sprinkle Core Dipped Cone. This genius upgrade to the traditional cone creates a core of sprinkles in the center of the ice cream, leading to a brilliant sprinkle swirl throughout. But if you want it, you’re going to have to know how to order it the right way.

How to Order a Sprinkle Core Dipped Cone

It’s pretty simple, according to this TikTok posted by @dqwarrenburg.

  • Order your Dairy Queen cone, as you normally would. (I’ll take a medium chocolate dipped cone, please!)
  • Ask the server to take a long spoon and dip it by the handle into the ice cream. This creates a sort of core, or tunnel, in the soft serve. Have the server twist the long spoon clockwise once or twice to widen the core. Then the server can spoon sprinkles into the core.
  • Ask them to top off the ice cream with another swirl to hold the sprinkles in place.
  • Finally, have them dip the whole ice cream cone in chocolate topping for a delicious finish with sprinkles throughout.
@dqwarrensburg would you try this? #dairyqueen #ChewTheVibes #dipped #secretmenu ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

Psst: You can order ice cream cupcakes at Dairy Queen.

Does Every DQ Do This?

It doesn’t hurt to ask! This hack will take a bit longer than ordering a cone the regular way, so if your Dairy Queen is busy or there’s a long line, the server might not want to make a Sprinkle Corn Dipped Cone. But you may just give them a fun idea they’ll pass on to further customers. A good idea is to check the comments on the TikTok video to get an idea of the experiences others have had when ordering in various areas.

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