Dairy Queen’s New Sour Patch Kids Blizzard Brings Tart Flavor to Summer

Can you handle this Blizzard?

Dairy Queen’s summer menu gave our taste buds all kinds of great flavors, but everyone’s favorite ice cream stand isn’t done just yet. As of July 1, Dairy Queen has named the new Blizzard of the Month, and it’s not what you’d expect.

It looks like classic flavors are out and “the kids” are in. Get ready to experience sour and sweet all in one with the new Sour Patch Kids Blizzard at DQ!

First It’s Sour, Then It’s Sweet

We have to admit, we thought the Zero Gravity Blizzard was the coolest Dairy Queen treat until the Sour Patch Kids appeared on the menu. According to DQ, the new Blizzard really does start off with a tartness strong enough to make your nose wrinkle, then flows into a smooth and sweet sipper that was made for summer.

DQ’s website describes the creamy red soft serve as “Sour Patch Kids Redberry” that incorporates all the sugary goodness of ice cream and the tangy bite of Sour Patch Bitz. If that’s not enough, you can also find some of those mischievous scamps sprinkled on top.

The Jury Is Still Out

The Sour Patch Kids Blizzard announcement came directly from Dairy Queen bright and early on July 1. It was met with criticism, some Blizzard fans deciding sour didn’t belong anywhere near ice cream.

Nevertheless, plenty of fans were excited to see their favorite theater treat embedded in a Blizzard, and, according to a few users, the Sour Patch Kids Blizzard is tops.

Find the frozen Sour Patch Kids treat that’s coming out next.

They Probably Won’t Be Around Long

If there’s anything that Dairy Queen’s flavor creations have taught us, it’s that specialty Blizzards don’t overstay their welcome. There’s no official news on when the Sour Patch Kids Blizzard will be departing, but we’re thinking it’ll only be around to cause trouble for the next month.

If you’ve got love for all things sour or just want to get in and try one, you can nab a small for only $3.59. They come in all sizes from mini to large with varying prices but no shortage of flavor!

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