Dairy Queen’s New “Cupfections” Sundaes Will Have You Craving More

It's officially summer at Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen has introduced a cool new treat just in time for summer. Say hello to “Cupfections!” It’s a fun twist on the typical DQ sundae experience, made even better with layers of baked goods and decadent toppings.

Cupfection #1: Brownie and OREO

This dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Your order comes with signature DQ soft serve topped with hearty chunks of triple chocolate brownies like this tasty recipe you can make at home, OREO cookie pieces, a rich chocolate sauce and marshmallow topping.

Cupfection #2: Summer Berry Cake

If you prefer the sweet summer-y taste of seasonal fruit, this Cupfection is for you. Enjoy creamy DQ soft serve ice cream layered with vanilla cake, real raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, choco chunks and whipped topping. It actually reminds us of this DQ sundae from 1953.

Can’t decide which flavor is calling your name? No problem! Just pick up one of each.

But Wait, There’s More…

Have you heard about the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone? It’s a legend in the making! Dairy Queen also debuted its summer Blizzard menu and the list does not disappoint. Take your pick from three new Blizzard flavors: Brownie Dough, Caramel Cannonball and OREO Cookie Jar, and three returning fan favorites: Cotton Candy, Summer Berry Cheesecake and S’mores.

Where to Find Everything

Cupfections and the summer Blizzard flavors are available at participating Dairy Queen locations for a limited time. Remember—Blizzards should be served upside down or the next one is free!

You can make all kinds of Dairy Queen goodness at home with our copycat recipes.

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