These New Almonds from CVS Taste Just Like Stuffing

We're eating 'em all November long.

When it comes to Thanksgiving foods, there’s a lot of delicious competition. And while some may give cranberry sauce or Aunt Margaret’s sweet potato casserole the title of “best holiday recipe,” stuffing has always been the most sought-after side on my plate. There’s just something about that savory, flavor-filled dish that has me counting down the hours ’til Turkey Day.

That’s why when I learned that CVS has new, limited-edition Stuffing Seasoned Almonds hitting store shelves this November, I knew I had to give them a try.

Speaking of seasonal snacks—Pillsbury’s turkey cookies are back!

Wait…Stuffing Seasoned Almonds?

Yep! These bite-sized morsels are just like any other flavored almond—except instead of chili lime powder or a dusting of cocoa, the nuts are covered in a savory, poultry-flavored spice blend.

What Do They Taste Like?

At first, we were a little skeptical. How could you possibly pack all of that beloved stuffing flavor into such a tiny package? Well, the folks over at CVS somehow managed it. Each handful is full of rich, meaty flavor. At first crunch they’re salty, but as you chew the flavors give way to notes of sage, rosemary and pepper.

As I passed the bag around the office, one tester said they reminded her of the crunchy bits of stuffing that form around the edges of the pan. Another suggested that they would make the perfect pre-Thanksgiving snack or game-time munchie.

Plus, nutrition-wise, this snack is comparable to a serving of regular ol’ almonds, making it a great way for anyone watching their carb intake to enjoy seasonal flavors. Did you know almonds have major health benefits, too?

Where Can I Buy Them?

The Stuffing Seasoned Almonds are exclusive to CVS under the Gold Emblem snack brand. You can find them at select stores this November.

If you’re craving the real deal, check out our best stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving.

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