How to Decorate a Tea Towel for Easter (Using Marshmallow Peeps!)

Transform a basic kitchen towel into an Easter gift some-bunny is sure to love.

Peep stamped towel

Every year, children—and grown-ups, too!—wait in sweet anticipation for that happy Sunday in spring when they wake up to find a pretty woven basket filled with an assortment of treats. (Especially if it’s homemade Easter candy!) If fluffy marshmallow Peeps are part of the confectionery feast, save one or two to use as a clever DIY stamp in a project perfect for giving to a friend—or keeping for yourself.


  • Plain white flour sack towel
  • Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies
  • Mod Podge craft sealant
  • Pastel paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Miniature white pom poms


Step 1

Wash and iron a plain white flour sack towel to create a smooth work surface.

Step 2

Coat a few Peeps marshmallow bunnies with Mod Podge. Let Peeps dry thoroughly.

Step 3

Dip one side of one marshmallow bunny into fabric paint and stamp on the towel to create your pattern of choice.

Step 4

Repeat with a fresh Peep and additional paint colors, if desired.

Step 5

When the paint is dry, use a hot glue gun to attach craft pompoms for bunny tails.

Now hop to it and put those uneaten Peeps to good use on a whimsical kitchen towel that’s both decorative and functional. If spring fever has you feeling extra crafty, top your table with this blooming Peeps centerpiece.

Got a serious crush on Peeps? Satisfy your deepest marshmallow cravings with this cheery Peeps sunflower cake. Or try Birds Nests or Nesting Chicks for even more sweet treats to tuck in a basket.

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