People Just Started Dipping Cucumbers in Ranch Seasoning Packets

How didn't we all think of this sooner?!

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about pickle snacks, hacks and recipes—like chocolate-covered pickles. The internet is obsessed with this tangy, crunchy nosh! Today, we’re taking a step back and talking about cucumbers.

The cool, neutral taste of cucumber is often overlooked, especially compared to its popular cousin, the pickle. Well, there are not only tons of benefits to eating cucumbers, but they’re suddenly starring in a TikTok video, too!

How to Pair Ranch Seasoning with Cucumbers

TikTok user @janellerohner shines the spotlight on cucumbers in one of her posts. This simple recipe uses just two ingredients—cucumbers and a packet of ranch seasoning. You can use any type of cucumber here.

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You’ve probably dipped your vegetables in ranch dressing, a buttermilk-based sauce used on salads, chicken tenders and even pizza. It tastes great, but this recipe simply uses ranch seasoning powder, so you can expect each bite to pack a concentrated punch of zesty flavor.

As with many of these TikTok snack hacks, there really isn’t a right or wrong technique to use. You can dip an entire cucumber in ranch seasoning, or cut it into slices, place them in a zip-top bag with the seasoning and gently shake to coat. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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