Crockpot Now Makes a Smart Slow Cooker, and We Are So Excited!

You can control this Crockpot from anywhere with your smartphone. Bring on the slow cooker dinners!

Crockpot has been making slow cooker dump dinners possible (and delicious!) since the ’70s. But today’s Crock-Pots look much different than what your Mom had in her Harvest Gold-colored kitchen. You can choose a slow cooker that’s programmable, holds two (or even three) foods at once and has a locking lid. Don’t get us started on all the shapes and sizes! (Here’s how to sort through all the options.)

Crockpot also has this Wifi-Enabled Slow Cooker that lets you control your slow cooking dips and dinners via your smartphone.

What Makes a Smart Slow Cooker?

The smart Crockpot connects to your Wi-Fi at home or a friend’s house. It syncs up with the WeMo app, and you can use the app to do all sorts of things, like set or change cook time, monitor what’s cooking and even control the temperature.

The thing about “cooks all day while the cook’s away” is that sometimes the cook is unexpectedly late coming home. (Like when you’re stuck at work or the kids’ baseball game goes into extra innings.) That’s when having a smart Crockpot really comes in handy. Want to know how much cooking time is left? Open the WeMo app, and it will tell you. Want to adjust your cooking time and/or temperature so your tried-and-true slow-cooked dinners won’t turn to mush? The app lets you do that, too.

You can even shift to warm or turn off your Crockpot remotely. Dinner is saved—and served!

How Things Have Changed

The earliest Crock-Pots were made in the ’40s and were inspired by the inventor’s grandmother. She remembered how workers at her local bakery would use the ovens’ residual heat to cook a hearty meat-and-potatoes stew. You can always go back to the “old school” way and control your Crockpot using its buttons but we’re excited to have the app in hand!

Check out the Crockpot on Amazon.

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