6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Presents More Beautiful

Give a gift they're sure to remember with these creative gift wrapping ideas!

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The art of gift giving doesn’t end after picking the perfect present. No! You still have to wrap it up and put it under the tree.

Wrapping gifts is actually one of our favorite parts of the holidays. Picking the design of the paper and the accessories like ribbons, bows and tags, lets your personality shine and shows how much you care. Every year there is an unspoken competition in my family for the best-wrapped gifts.

Here are some of our best creative gift wrapping ideas to turn your present into a work of wrapped art. Psst! This Little Elf gift wrap cutter will make your presents look professionally wrapped.

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

cristmas gift wrapped with brown paper and made to look like rudolf the red nosed reindeer with a red pom pom and drawn eyes and antlersLauren Naru for Taste of Home

If you’re short on time, but still seeking some creative flair for your gifts, try making this reindeer-inspired wrapping idea. It’s super simple. Wrap your gift in some plain kraft paper, draw on antlers and eyes with your marker, then glue on a red pom-pom for the finishing touch. No pom-poms? A red marker works just as well for Rudolf’s nose!

What You’ll Need

Candy Bow

wrapped christmas gift with a pack of m&ms made into a bowLauren Naru for Taste of Home

Give them the gift of something sweet by adding a candy bow to your gift. It’s a quick, easy and tasty way to dress up any present. Try adding a small bag of your favorite sweets by pinching the bag of candy in the middle and tying string around to keep the shape of the “bow.” Add to your body with more ribbon, tape or glue.

What You’ll Need

Thumbprint Christmas Lights

christmas gift wrapped in brown paper that has been decorated with thumbprint string of lights designLauren Naru for Taste of Home

Get the kiddos involved in this hands-on wrapping paper project. Draw a few curly “strings” for the Christmas lights across a box wrapped in plain kraft paper. Then create the Christmas “lights” with fingerprints using washable paint or ink pads. If you have a few extra minutes, add a few pops of glitter to make the lights sparkle.

What You’ll Need

Cookie Cutter Sweetness

christmas gift wrapped with a cookie cutter attached with a ribbonLauren Naru for Taste of Home

This is one of our favorite creative gift wrapping ideas. Tie a simple holiday-themed cookie cutter with a ribbon and affix it to the box to quickly upgrade your gift wrap. It looks super cute and it’s totally functional. Even if the cutter isn’t used to bake Christmas cookies, it can be used as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

What You’ll Need

Color Your Own

christmas gift wrapped with a coloring book page with crayons attached with festive washi tapeLauren Naru for Taste of Home

This is a fantastic idea for anyone looking to fill a little time while they wait to open their gifts. Turn your gift into a DIY work of art with some blank paper and a few crayons. Coloring book pages and these festive printable wrapping paper templates from Etsy work great for smaller gifts.

What You’ll Need

Fabric Feels

christmas gift wrapped with fabricLauren Naru for Taste of Home

Skip the paper altogether and wrap your gift with a piece of fabric. Inspired by the art of furoshiki (the practice of wrapping presents with reusable cloths), this eco-friendly method is perfect for wrapping items of all shapes and sizes. Pick up fabric from your local craft store or use fabrics you may have in the house. Simply wrap your gift inside the fabric and knot the ends.

What You’ll Need

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