Cracker Barrel Is Changing Its Menu to Add Beer, Wine and Mimosas

Head to the Old Country Store for comfort food, nostalgia—and drinks!

I think we can all agree: There’s something special about Cracker Barrel. Maybe it’s the nostalgia—the “throwback” style of the store entrance, the decor in the dining room and the peg game that’s on every table. Maybe it’s the drool-worthy Southern food.

The only thing missing from Cracker Barrel was a boozy beverage menu. Now, that’s set to change, and we can’t wait to sip mimosas with our breakfasts! Here’s why the change is happening—and when.

Does Cracker Barrel Serve Alcohol Right Now?

Before the COVID-19 quarantine, 20 Cracker Barrel locations were serving alcohol. It was a test of sorts, to see if drinks would even be popular with customers. Then, like pretty much every other restaurant, Cracker Barrel closed its dining room and started delivering instead. Not surprisingly, the chain struggled during the pandemic.

Now, with dining rooms opening across the country, they’re thinking of ways to bolster their earnings—like adding beer, wine and mimosas to menus. It sounds like Cracker Barrel plans to expand that pilot program to many of its 600+ locations around the country when they’re open for in-person dining. We’ll take a mimosa with our Pecan Pancakes, please!

There isn’t currently a list of which locations have booze, so call ahead if you have your heart set on a drink.

Will There Be Other Changes?

Cracker Barrel also announced that once dine-in services resume, the menus might be a little smaller than diners are used to. That change was made in an effort to make things easier when everything starts up again.

You also might notice some new dishes, like Chicken Pot Pie and Saturday Fried Pork Chops—those, like the beer and wine, were items the chain experimented with before the shutdown. If you’re still not keen on dining in, Cracker Barrel has said it’s continuing to offer delivery and curbside pickup. You can also check out our best Cracker Barrel copycat recipes, with favorites like apple dumplings, chicken fried steak and gravy and, of course, mashed potatoes.

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