Light Up Your Holiday With These New Cracker Barrel Christmas Decorations

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Of course not! These new Cracker Barrel Christmas decorations will light up your world this season.

Buying new decorations for the holidays each year is arguably one of the best parts of celebrating! So much cute stuff popping up in stores that we didn’t even know we needed until we saw it in front of us. Like these adorable ceramic Halloween trees we just can’t get enough of—don’t forget the candy corn ones!

Now that Halloween is almost here, it’s time to look further down the winding road that is 2020. It’s never too early to stock up on some brand new, super cute festive decor for Christmas!

These Cracker Barrel Christmas Decorations Have Cheer Written All Over Them 

It may be news to you that Cracker Barrel has an online store available for their wondrous array of knickknacks and homely decor. If you already knew this and have totally taken advantage of this momentous occasion, we applaud you. If you’re just learning this now…time to celebrate! The comforting atmosphere of Cracker Barrel can be delivered straight to your home—food included!

And now, they’ve finally begun to add some of the absolute greatest Christmas decorations so far this year. From traditional styles to elegant and whimsical, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve got a few that caught our eye almost immediately, and if you paid attention to my spiel earlier, you can probably already guess what it is.

The Prettiest LED Christmas Trees

Like the black Halloween trees, Cracker Barrel has these amazing little white ceramic trees with multicolor lights spiraling around the body. They’re almost too cute to bear! Spreading these out around the house, or even using them as miniature festive nightlights is everything I want this Christmas.

In the same vein, these LED acrylic Christmas trees are modern, striking and absolutely gorgeous. From royal purple to bright blue, green and red, the colors are stunning and charming. Simple, yet striking. The perfect centerpiece for a well-decorated dining table or living room mantle.

Time to Go Shopping

The white ceramic trees are a steal at just $12.99 per tree. Buying a couple definitely wouldn’t break the bank. As for the LED acrylic trees, a set of three clocks in at $119.99. Yes, that’s a bit more of an investment, but think of all the beautiful scenes these trees would create. How can you possibly resist? Trust me, your home will thank you for it!

Melany Love
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