Could This Coffee Shop Tea Help You Feel Better?

Fighting off common winter illnesses could be as easy as taking a trip to your local coffee shop.

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Health experts have long lauded the benefits of taking a tea break. In fact, there are many benefits to incorporating a daily cup of tea into your routine. Whether saving your leftover tea bags and reusing them to prevent swollen gums or sipping on a warm cup of green tea to soothe a sore and scratchy throat, the popular beverage is both delicious and nutritious. Now, thanks to some new products at your local coffee shop, reaping the benefits of drinking tea just got simpler.

This winter, you can fight off the symptoms and side effects of pesky seasonal sickness with a trip to a well-known coffee shop. Starbucks has just announced four new additions to their tea and beverage menu that are packed with powerful, healthy ingredients and available now. The new line of Teavana Wellness Teas were created specifically to help customers power through the winter, with each beverage containing illness-fighting ingredients such as Vitamin C, ginger and spearmint.

The teas, available at Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada, are a spin on the coffee shop chain’s long-beloved Teavana tea line. The new offerings include Teavana Defense Wellness tea, a white tea with hints of blackberry, lime, pineapple and orange made to help you increase your intake of Vitamin C; Teavana Comfort Wellness tea, which blends ginger, lemon, spearmint and peppermint for a soothing sipping experience; Teavana Rev Wellness tea, which mixes mango, apricot and peach flavors in a green and black tea blend, which will reportedly help maintain your metabolism; and Teavana Citrus Defender, which comes with citrus flavor and plenty of Vitamin C in a beverage that combines the Defense Wellness tea with steamed lemonade, hot water and honey.

In addition to helping you beat any of the common winter bugs, these teas are also a smart choice compared to more sugary, and often calorie-loaded drinks.

For an extra dose of sickness-fighting energy, you could pair Starbucks’ health-minded drinks with any number of healthy, illness-fighting recipes for a meal that’s both tasty and beneficial to the body. Plus, there’s good news for those who want to reap the benefits of these teas year-round. Starbucks is reporting that the Wellness line will remain on the menu, allowing you to make sure you have enough Vitamin C to fight off the common cold no matter the season.

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