Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch Is Coming to a Store Near You

Cotton Candy Cap'n Crunch is the next flavor to join the cereal aisle!

It’s no surprise that people love food that tastes like something you’d buy at a carnival. First, there were sweet and juicy cotton candy grapes. Now, Cap’n Crunch is the next food to jump on the cotton candy craze! Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch is the latest treat inspired by fluffy clouds of sugar goodness.

What exactly is this new cereal?

Cotton Candy Crunch is the classic Cap’n Crunch cereal we all love, just with a sweet twist. This new cereal is brightly colored, too. Like real sticks of cotton candy, the cereal puffs are blue and pink! It looks like the back of every box is going to be packed with carnival games, so you’ll even have something fun to do while you eat breakfast.

Just like the name sounds, we expect each bowl of Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch to be extra sugary and delightful. It already reminds us of state fairs and summer fun. We can’t want to get our hands on a box and dig in!

Where can you find Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch?

Look for this delectable cereal in grocery stores this month. You can also stop by Walmart or Target to pick up a box or order it for 2-day delivery.

Are you ready to swap out the original Cap’n Crunch for the cotton candy flavor? Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch is the first new flavor of Cap’n Crunch that’s been released in four years, so better hustle to the store to grab some before it’s all gone. We already have plans to swap out the Cap’n Crunch in these browned butter cereal bars for Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch or use it for frozen banana cereal pops.

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