Costco Is Selling a Patrón Tequila Gift Set Complete with Shiny Silver Mugs

The only thing better than drinking a delicious Patrón margarita is having someone else to share it with.

It may not be Christmas yet (although Hallmark would beg to differ). But that doesn’t mean we can’t treat our loved ones to a surprise. If you’re a fan of Costco’s array of boozy beverages, like the giant Kirkland margaritas or summer sangria, then listen to this very important update we’re about to share.

Costco is currently selling a Patrón Tequila gift set that includes a 1.75 mL bottle of Patrón Silver and two matching silver mugs!

Enjoy a Drink With Your Better Half

It’s never a bad idea to treat your loved ones to a gift. Luckily, Costco always seems to be looking out for us. This featured gift set, as mentioned above, includes a corked 1.75 mL bottle of Patrón Silver Tequila plus two matching silver mugs emblazoned with Tequila Patrón. The components are all packed up in a bright green box that is just too lively to ignore.

The bottle itself is stylish and would look perfect on a bar next to a few of its friends. Patrón Silver is ideal for making cocktails at home, like a classic lime margarita or a refreshing summertime tea. You can even try something new—any drink will look great in those flashy silver mugs!

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Grab a Set Before It’s Too Late

According to Patrón Tequila’s website, this is a limited edition summer set. That means it might not be around forever, especially as fall-themed items start popping up everywhere. The gift set is about $70, but when you look at all the contents, that’s a pretty great deal. Costco, here I come!

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