Costco Will Stop Food Sampling to Help Prevent Spread of the Coronavirus

Better safe than sorry, given how easily COVID-19 spreads.

It sounds like we won’t be snacking on Costco samples any time soon. Rumor has it, Costco will temporarily suspend its food sampling to keep spread of the coronavirus in check. So far, the wholesale club has not released an official statement about changes to its sampling procedure, but multiple sources have confirmed the ban.

Instagram account @costcodeals announced that one of its followers, a sample person for Costco, said the warehouse club will not be serving samples “for the foreseeable future.”

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😭😷Just got word, one of our followers is a sample person for CDS which is Costco’s vendor who does all the food samples and looks like they will not be serving samples for the foreseeable future. Not sure if this is immediate and will effect all stores or will be a store by store basis. . 😍The good side is that Costco is allowing CDS workers to work at the warehouses in various other capacities until samples start up again!! This was inevitable with the #coronavirus picking up steam in the US + the recent crazy crowds at Costco stores! #washyourhands #costcodeals #costcosamples #costco . 🙌If anyone can confirm that it’s a nationwide or worldwide sample suspension, DM or let us know in the comments below!

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The sampling ban is already taking effect at certain locations. Hip2Save spoke to one Costco manager, who said that the store had already stopped giving out samples. If your Costco location is still handing out food samples, keep in mind that workers take cleanliness very seriously.

When Will Samples Return?

No word on when Costco’s free samples will return. In the meantime, we’ll be stocking up on Kirkland Signature toilet paper, hand soap and plenty of Costco pizza. Be safe, shoppers!

Next up: How to wash your hands really, really well.

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