Here Are the Costco Purchase Limits You Should Know About Before Your Next Visit

Whether it's bottled water or toilet paper, these are the items that have a quantity limit per customer.

Right now, plenty of us want to forget that 2020 ever happened. In March and April last year, stores across the country introduced item quantity and purchase limits for each customer. Due to shoppers “stocking up” on certain items—and slowed production because of the pandemic—local stores were left without normal, everyday items like soap and toilet paper.

While things have slowly started going back to normal, it seems we still have some shopping obstacles to plan around. New Costco purchase limits have started popping up. Here’s what you need to know before your next trip.

What Items Have Costco Purchase Limits?

According to a recent Reddit post, certain stores have started imposing purchase limits on items like Kirkland Signature paper towels, Charmin Ultra toilet paper, Kirkland Signature bath tissue, Bounty Advance paper towels and Bounty Prints paper towels. Most members are allowed 1-2 units per purchase.

While not all warehouses across the country are experiencing the same shortages, it’s good to be on the lookout in case your state is affected. Some Reddit users have reported seeing no purchase limits, like in Texas.

It’s important to shop at Costco with a plan (and some tips and tricks) to help avoid any issues.

How Long Are the Limits Going to Last?

Some have speculated that it’s only a temporary issue due to supply shortages and should resolve normally soon. Others have guessed it’s to keep a higher amount of stock for member-only sales events going on through the end of August. It’s best not to worry too much either way. As long as members follow purchase limits, we hope product stock will go back to normal soon.

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