Costco Is Selling 3-Packs of Buttery Pound Cakes for Just $7.99 Right Now

Costco is offering us a sweet deal right now!

There’s no question that Costco has something for everyone. But recently, the warehouse club has been hitting it out of the park with treats like mega-packs of Annie’s cinnamon rolls and ice cream sundaes.

Now, one Costco shopper has discovered what may be the sweetest deal ever—three gorgeous pound cakes for only $7.99!

This Is Costco’s Best Deal Yet

Costco is the place to stock up on family-sized staples, like multi-pack rolls of toilet paper and a 4-pound carrot cake. The trio of pound cakes from the bakery department definitely take their cue from the “more is more” approach.

The original pound cake recipe used one pound each of four ingredients: flour, sugar, butter and eggs. The Costco pound cakes don’t weigh quite that much, but they are literally one pound each. And for $7.99? That’s a steal!

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Look for this three-pack in Costco’s bakery. You may also be able to find it on Instacart.

What to Do with All That Pound Cake

Even though these pound cakes are “naked,” they’re bursting with rich, buttery vanilla flavor. That makes them perfect for eating as-is or using as a base for a more elaborate dessert. In fact, prepared pound cake can be an extremely useful ingredient when you need a tasty treat ASAP!

You could whip up strawberry shortcake, using pound cake instead of shortcake, build a trifle layered with fresh fruit and custard or serve the pound cake with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup on top.

Desserts Made with Store-Bought Pound Cake
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