Costco Is Selling 4-Packs of Mug Cakes Right Now

It's technically a gift set but we might keep 'em all.

We’re heading into the final stretch of the year, which means it’s the holiday shopping season. For those who love gifting as much as opening gifts, Costco is the spot for stocking up on all your festive needs. (Like a giant bottle of eggnog liqueur and a 4-pound pumpkin pie.)

Here’s one more find to pick up at the store: Costco mug cakes!

What Are the Flavors?

The mugs themselves are available in two different styles, each containing a different flavor of cake and frosting. The red-and-white snowflake pattern that looks like a warm winter sweater comes with vanilla cake mix and dark chocolate frosting—plus a Lindor milk chocolate truffle as an extra surprise.

The black-and-white plaid mug contains the same flavors in reverse; dark chocolate cake mix and vanilla frosting. It comes with a bonus Lindor hazelnut milk chocolate truffle, too. Score!

Need a little something nice for a teacher, coworker or acquaintance? The Costco mug cakes come individually wrapped in packs of four, which makes them perfect for gift-giving. Beyond the price tag—just $19.99—the best part is that once you eat the cake, you’re left with a mug that’s cute enough to drink your coffee or tea from every morning.

Where Can I Buy Them?

These Costco mug cakes were discovered by @costcohotfinds and they should be in one of the aisles stocked with seasonal merchandise, probably near the hot cocoa bombs.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be online at or on Instacart, so if you really want to stock up you might need to pay an in-person visit to your local store.

And while you’re making the most of your membership, remember these money-saving Costco tips!

Krista Garcia
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