Costco and Kroger Will Limit Sales of Fresh Meat During the Coronavirus Outbreak

This includes ground beef, pork and poultry products.

It’s been hard to find yeast and flour during the coronavirus outbreak, because so many of us are baking our way through quarantine. Fortunately, we’ve been able to find most other essentials at stores that offer delivery and pickup. However, for many shoppers, buying basics like chicken, pork and ground beef might pose more of a challenge right now.

Costco and Kroger have both announced purchase limits on fresh meat items. Here’s what we know.

What’s Changing at Costco and Kroger

In an interview with Fox News, Kroger said it will have purchase limits on meat products due to a handful of meat processors shutting down across the nation. Fortunately, Kroger doesn’t foresee a total shortage, and not all stores will have limits. According to a Kroger spokesperson, purchase limits affect only ground beef and fresh pork at select stores.

As for Costco, the chain announced on May 4 that it’ll be temporarily limiting meat products to just three per customer. Costco acknowledges how hard the suppliers are working to deliver ingredients, and Costco will continue to offer its support. The limit, at least at Costco, is rolling out nationwide.

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What Does This Mean for Meat?

You may know a few Tyson locations in the U.S. have closed their doors lately. This is to help stop COVID-19 from spreading among employees, and other meat processors are following suit in the interest of putting employees’ health first.

As much as we love our meat-and-potatoes favorites, home cooks still have plenty of other options. We can recommend all kinds of meatless burger recipes that taste even better than the real deal. If you’re looking for store-bought vegetarian protein, you can look to these vegetarian brands.

Most importantly, remember: We’ll get through this together!

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