Costco Just Introduced Its Own Version of Nutella and It’s Way Cheaper

If you're a fan of Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread but hate shelling out the big bucks every time you feel a craving coming on, you're in luck because Costco's come out with a version that's not only cheaper but might be better for you.

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In a Reddit post that may well break the Internet, or, at the very least, your willpower, it was recently revealed that Costco is selling its own version of Nutella “hazelnut spread with cocoa” at the price of $7.99 for two 35 ounce jars under its Kirkland brand (note: if you buy it online with two-day delivery, it will run you $9.99). If you’re a fan of what some refer to as “heaven in a jar” (and don’t even try to pretend that you’re not—because why else would you be checking out these 30 mouthwatering recipes you can make with Nutella?), you might know that buying two 33 ounce jars of it at Costco tallies up to about $14.

Customers have claimed that the Kirkland version tastes virtually the same as the original, which is made by the Ferrero Group, and by “virtually,” what we mean is that some say the Kirkland version has a slightly less “rich” mouthfeel. The difference may be attributed to the fact that the Kirkland version uses sunflower oil in place of the palm oil that is in Nutella.

But therein lies the good news. You see, sunflower oil is a healthier choice than palm oil, according to Harvard Health Publishing’s Newsletter. Indeed, the American Heart Association has recommended that Americans decrease their consumption of palm oil and other saturated fats, and replace them instead with oils that have higher levels of polyunsaturated fats, including sunflower oil. Find out when to use which cooking oil here.

If you were disturbed by the viral photo that deconstructs Nutella, layer by layer, into its six essential ingredients because it depicts Nutella as mostly sweetened palm oil, then you’re in luck. The Kirkland version of Nutella has half the saturated fat of Ferrero’s, in case you’re keeping track (and if you have high cholesterol, the American Heart Association says you should be). In any case, whichever version of “hazelnut spread with cocoa” you decide to go for, we’re certain you’ll be pleased with the results when you use it to make these Nutella stuffed strawberries and these orange Nutella cookie cups.

Get your chocolate-hazelnut spread fix right here.
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