Costco Is Selling ‘Hot Chocolate Drops’ Made of Belgian Chocolate—and They Melt in Your Mug

We're adding Costco's hot chocolate drops to our wish list!

As the temperatures drop, there’s only one thing that can wash away those below-freezing blues—hot chocolate! Every year, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for settling down and binge-watching your favorite Christmas movies. And while there are plenty of ways to upgrade hot chocolate, sometimes we prefer the simpler route. Naturally, Costco has us covered this holiday season.

Move over, hot cocoa bombs, because there’s a new kid on the block. Costco is now selling hot chocolate drops that make your cozy mug of cocoa a little easier—and so much sweeter!

We’re Asking Santa for Hot Chocolate Drops

What are hot chocolate drops, you ask? They’re similar to Hershey’s Kisses, sans the festive foil. These drops are the peak in hot cocoa convenience, requiring only five of them per 10 fluid ounces of steamed milk. Just drop them in, let them melt and voila! You’ve got an instantly creamy hot chocolate in seconds.

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Costco is selling Hot Cocoa Drops so you can make the perfect cup of hot cocoa! #costco #costcofinds #hotchocolatedrops

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What’s even better about these Costco hot chocolate drops is that they’re made of authentic Belgian dark chocolate. If you’ve ever had Godiva chocolates, you’ll know they come from Belgium, too, meaning these drops are essentially your favorite chocolatier in a mug, just without the name. (And since they’re dark chocolate, they’re not as sweet—perfect for those who prefer a toned-down drink.)

Get to Costco ASAP

If you were wondering if your Costco membership is worth it, we can confidently say it is, if only for these hot chocolate drops. You can get a 17.6-ounce bag in stores for just $7.49. It looks like the hot chocolate drops may be available on Instacart in some areas, too. If your sweet tooth is telling you to head to Costco, you should probably listen, since these drops will likely only be available through the winter season.

And besides, what better time is there to indulge in creamy hot chocolate?

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