We’re in Love With the New Heart-Shaped Ravioli at Costco

Your romantic Valentine's Day dinner plans just got a whole lot easier. We're smitten with these adorable heart-shaped ravioli at Costco.

Planning on ordering a pizza for Valentine’s Day? Stop right there! Costco has your next V-day dinner covered, and it’s both festive and delicious. Heart-shaped ravioli are now available. Whether you’re cooking for your partner or just for yourself, this adorable pasta is guaranteed to warm the heart.

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A New Find for Valentine’s Day

As the day of love approaches, all of our favorite brands are competing for the title of loveliest Valentine’s Day treat. From Reese’s bouquets to pretty, pink Starbursts, the competition’s tight. Costco is the next contender in this showdown, bringing us heart-shaped ravioli that has us all saying, “aww.” The two-color ravioli were first spotted in-store by an Instagram account called Costco Buys.


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More About the Ravioli

The Costco holiday pasta is more than decorative. Stuffed inside the heart-shaped ravioli are four mouthwatering cheeses: creamy ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan and aged asiago. It’s also pretty cost-efficient, priced at roughly $10 for two 20 oz. packages. If you’re looking to cook your sweetheart a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day dinner, this is definitely the way to go. Frame these heart-shaped ravioli with some tasteful made-at-home decorations, and you’ve got a romantic night to remember.

Here’s What to Do With Your Ravioli

It sadly doesn’t look like Costco’s heart-shaped ravioli come with any custom sauce. However, you can always kick up that standard ravioli recipe to suit your partner’s taste. Use one of our homemade pasta sauce recipes to help roll out a romantic dinner.

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