Costco’s Giant Doughnuts Are All We Need Right Now

Costco's 2-pound doughnut is covered in pink strawberry icing, rainbow sprinkles and M&M's!

National Doughnut Day may be over, but we think it’s a holiday that should be celebrated all year long. Costco must agree, because they’ve gone BIG with their latest doughnut offering.

It’s TWO POUNDS of Sugary Goodness

You read that right! Costco is now selling a giant doughnut weighing in at a hefty two pounds. The extra large doughnut is covered in a vibrant pink strawberry frosting and topped with rainbow-colored sprinkles and M&M’s. We have no idea what the calorie count is for this mega doughnut, but we do know how many calories are in regular doughnuts. You’ll have to do the math.

But You’ll Have to Travel to Buy One

You’re probably deciding whether you’d share this XL doughnut or enjoy it for yourself. Sadly, it’s time for us to break the news that giant doughnuts are only being sold in Costco stores throughout Australia.

Now that you know what doughnuts look like Down Under, check out what doughnuts look like in other parts of the world.

We Found Plenty of Other Amazingly Large Doughnuts, Though

If booking a round-trip ticket to Australia is out of the question, there are other a few other places in the U.S. that offer jumbo doughnuts.

Lard Lad Donuts

Lard Lad Donuts at Universal Studios in Orlando pays homage to one of the most famous doughnut lovers of all time—Homer Simpson! The signature doughnuts are about 8 inches wide and come with a variety of toppings.

DK’s Donuts

DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica, CA serves “Texas Sized” doughnuts that you can customize the way you’d like. If one’s not enough, they’ll stack up a tower of doughnuts.

Bob’s Donuts

Bob’s Donuts in San Francisco serves up a pastry the size of your head. If you’re super hungry, try the Bob’s Donut Challenge. Just finish an XL doughnut in 2 minutes or less and you get your $10.95 refunded, a free drink, a Bob’s Donut’s T-Shirt and your name listed on the Hall of Fame.

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You can also see what’s in stock at the best doughnut shop in your home state! Can’t find a Costco? Learn how to make doughnuts at home!

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