Costco Is Selling a 12-Pack of Color-Changing Hot Cups That Will Brighten Your Day

I NEED that teal color-changing hot cup.

Costco has all the best products for the holiday season. Honestly! People can’t stop talking about the hot cocoa bombs. Plus, Costco’s bakery is selling this huge Christmas cookie tray right now. Now, all we need is the perfect cup for our warm winter drinks, and Costco has that, too! Their color-changing hot cups will make dark winter days bright and cheerful.

What Colors Are the Cups?

If you can’t resist the color-changing tumblers from Costco, then you need to add these color-changing travel cups to your shopping cart. The original tumblers were made for cold drinks. To get these new cups to change color, all you need to do is pour in a hot drink.

The cups come in four hues: blue to purple, green to yellow, sky blue to teal and red to yellow. Here’s a look, courtesy of @costcobuys:

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How Much Do the Color-Changing Cups Cost?

On Costco’s website, the cups are listed for $19.99, and each pack comes with 12 cups. It looks like they may already be out of stock online, but this item should still be available in stores.

We’re thinking that this set of color-changing cups could make an adorable Christmas stocking stuffer. You’ll have plenty of extra cups for friends and family! Make sure to buy them when you see ’em, though. Starbucks’ color-changing cups always sell out fast, and this won’t be any different.

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