Costco Is Selling This Set of Color-Changing Tumblers Right Now

This won't be at Costco for long!

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If you haven’t heard about this colorful drinkware trend, we’ll catch you up. Not too long ago, Starbucks brought back their color-changing cups, and (unsurprisingly) they sold out almost immediately. I mean, how can you not want something so simply beautiful?

Now, a new set of Costco color-changing tumblers has been spotted on the warehouse club’s shelves and we can’t wait to take them for a spin!

Why Do People Love the Color-Changing Cups?

The most exciting thing about these cups is their reaction to cold liquid. You pour in a cold beverage, then the colors change from a lighter hue to a darker hue. There’s something magical about that, right?

These Costco color-changing tumblers come in two different color combinations. The first set comes in white and turquoise, where the white tumbler turns turquoise when you fill it with your drink and the one that’s already turquoise darkens into a deep shade of navy blue. Dazzling! The other set is a white and pink duo, with the white tumbler changing to a bright shade of orchid, and the pink mug shifting to a deep violet hue.

This set has officially been spotted at Costco and is quickly being snagged by shoppers everywhere. Instagram user @costcobuys posted a picture of the discovery:

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The 22-ounce tumblers have an exterior imprinted with shapes like hearts or circles. They are also packaged with four color-coordinated reusable straws per set. Just remember, these tumblers are hand-wash only—which is important for maintaining that beautiful color-changing effect.

Grab a Set Before It’s Too Late!

Each set of reusable tumblers will cost you only $16.99, but you need to act fast—the last time Costco sold color-changing cups, they sold out quickly. Luckily, they’re in stock on Costco’s website right now, so whether you shop online or in person, you should be good to go.

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