Costco’s 100-Calorie Vodka Ice Pops Are Back

Grab your Costco cards—this wholesaler has the perfect treat.

Thanks to $1.99 slices of pizza, great deals and tasty food samples, Costco is already our happy place. But here’s yet another reason to renew your membership: Slim Chillers’ spirited “Skinny Freezers” ice pops are coming back for 2020!

The pops pack 8% alcohol but only 100 calories, and people are going wild for ’em all over again.

Where They Were Spotted

The first summer sighting of these frozen tipsy treats came from Instagrammer @boymom_2x_. The pops come in a 12-count package that’ll cost you somewhere around $20, depending on your location. Due to strict alcohol regulations, some states may not carry them in-store at all.

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Make your own boozy popsicles with or without a mold.

Why You’ll Love Them

Skinny Freezers return with 4 low-calorie flavors, including Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini and Lemon Drop. Sealed in playful on-the-go packaging, Skinny Freezers remind us of the giant box of fruity Fla-Vor-Ice pops that Mom & Dad used to keep in the freezer all summer long. You’re going to want to keep the Cosmopolitans away from the kiddos, though.

(For another blast from the past, see what summer looked like the year you were born.)

FYI, the Skinny Freezers don’t come frozen from Costco, so you’ll have to chill them yourself. Because the pops contain vodka, drop your freezer to its lowest temperature setting, and be prepared to wait a couple hours.

Where to Buy Skinny Freezers

Skinny Freezer Vodka Martini Pops once only lived in Wisconsin and California, but they’ve slowly migrated across the nation. You’ll likely find these pops at a Costco near you. If Costco isn’t rolling out these poolside pops in your state, take a walk through your local liquor store—they’re sure to have some in stock.

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