Cornbread and Milk Is the Southern Snack You’ve Never Heard About (Until Now)

It's like cereal, but with leftover cornbread.

It can hard to wrap your head around just how huge the United States is. You can find unusual regional foods in every corner of the country, from New Orleans to Cincinnati. Every place has its own style, traditions and culture.

And that goes for food, too. Head to the heart of the Appalachian South for cornbread and milk, a simple snack that you can make with leftover cornbread. It might be the best thing we’ve heard about lately, though we’re not sure anything can beat the pineapple sandwich.

How Did This Become a Snack?

No one is exactly sure of its origin. Some people have theorized that cornbread and milk, also referred to as “crumble in” or “crumb-in,” was a way for farmers and their families to stay fed during food shortages. Others agree that it may have risen from southern people trying to revive stale or dried-out cornbread. Either that, or they were just looking for a way to give their glass of milk a little something else. I get it—we used to dip toast in our chocolate milk as kids!

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How to Eat Cornbread and Milk

Think of it as cereal. You take leftover cornbread and crumble it into a glass. Next, add your milk of choice. Traditionally, one would use buttermilk or fresh cow’s milk for a little bit of sweetness. Then, you just use a spoon and eat to your heart’s content (and before it gets too mushy).

Cornbread and milk is always served in a glass. Some add green onions, salt or pepper. Some even add a bit more sugar or honey, although we think premium homemade cornbread is the perfect amount of sweet. Whether this snack is old or new, we think it’s time you treat yourself!

Ways to Make Cornbread from Scratch
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