We Just Found Out About Corkscrew Plants, and We Need Them ASAP

They're so beautiful, it's almost as if they've been taken straight out of an elaborate garden!

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Whenever I walk into a room full of plants, I instantly feel my mood lift. Not only are they amazing for circulating oxygen and keeping a room fresh, but they’re beautiful and remind us of being out in nature. It may seem hard to care for plants in winter, but I promise it’s definitely worth it. Bringing plants into any room will improve the air quality immensely.

While it may seem daunting to take care of plants next to all your other responsibilities, it’s definitely possible. And since I’ve just successfully convinced you to bring some nature into your life, let’s take a look at these super cute corkscrew plants you can get right now.

What Is a Corkscrew Plant?

It’s a perennial plant native to Japan, with the scientific name Juncus effusus “Spiralis.” As you can imagine, it gets it name from the spirally, corkscrew-esqe leaves it grows. It’s been described as a whimsical plant with thick foliage. These plants do extremely well in boggy or watery environments, but can be grown indoors, too.

If you find yourself struggling to keep your plants alive, check out our hacks to revive dead plants.

Where Can I Get a Corkscrew Plant?

While a plethora of places sell plants and seeds online, we’re going directly to Etsy for these pretty plants. You can easily find fully grown plants—like this corkscrew rush perennial, which comes in a petite 2″ pot for just under $15. It’s SO adorable! Here’s another seller with a  fully grown corkscrew plant for $15, too.

There are many to choose from, so pick the one that fits you best. We hope your love of plants STEMS from this moment!

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