Cookies & Creme Twix Is OFFICIALLY Back in Stores

The Twix flavor we've all been waiting for is finally here.

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, everyone’s jumping on the candy bandwagon. Reese’s just rereleased the adorable Lovemojis, and Sweethearts are back on the shelf. Now, as much as we love seasonal treats, we’re still head over heels for the candies that stick around. So what’s better than a Twix bar?

If you bought candy in the ’90s, you may remember seeing Cookies & Creme Twix on the shelf. Well, that flavor is BACK! Plus, these Twix come hand-in-hand—or foot-in-foot—with brand-new Twix-inspired sneakers. Here’s why you need to get your hands on Cookies & Creme Twix sooner rather than later.

This Classic Twix Flavor Comes with a Perk

Cookies & Creme Twix hide a creamy center and crunchy chocolate cookie bars beneath a coating of rich milk chocolate. Sounds pretty good, right? But what’s even better is that 100 of these irresistible bars will come with new shoes.

Cookies & Creme TwixCourtesy Twix

Twix partnered with Dominic Ciambrone, who is a shoe artist, to come up with a pair of bright sneakers only the biggest Twix fans can get their hands on. As far as we know, the shoes will be given away in February at store events, but no other details have been released. The design mimics the bright blue wrapper we’ll all be looking for with “Right Twix” and “Left Twix” printed on the soles. Cute!

We’re still not over this caramel Twix cheesecake.

Where to Find Yours

The sneakers will be pretty tough to get your hands on, but Cookies & Creme Twix are available now nationwide. Check your grocery store’s candy aisle for Singles (1.36 ounces), Share (2.87 ounces) and the Sharing Size Stand-Up Pouch (9.7 ounces). The bars are definitely available at Target and Walmart, too!

Shoes aside, we can’t wait to binge on a whole bag of Cookies & Creme Twix. We couldn’t put down this Triple Chocolate Twix, either.

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