Cookies and Cream Kit Kats Could Be Released This Year, and We Can’t Calm Down

Based on what we know, Cookies and Cream Kit Kats will happen!

Kit Kat is known for offering a wide variety of tasty flavors. They’ve given us Raspberry Creme and Lemon Crisp in 2020, and supposedly, they’re releasing five more new flavors later this year, including Cotton Candy. If you can dream it, Kit Kat has probably made that dream a reality—or they will, soon.

Now it seems these masters of candy creation are going to bless us with a flavor we’ve wanted for a very, very long time: Cookies and Cream Kit Kats.

Wait, Is This Really Happening?

It certainly seems to be. No official announcement has been made yet, but according to @junkfoodleaks_, an Instagram account that has broken plenty of candy-related news, the Cookies and Cream Kit Kats will launch in 2020. This flavors appear to be part of the Duos line that also includes the Mint + Dark chocolate flavor released in 2019.

Look at the second photo in @junkfoodleaks_’s post, and you’ll see that the Kit Kat looks like regular milk chocolate on the lower half with a cookie-and-white-chocolate upper half.

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Now, it’s worth noting that this type of Kit Kat is a thing in other places, like Canada. But for those of us in the United States who have long awaited this flavor, it’s wonderful news!

Where (and When) Can I Buy Them?

That’s the question. Right now, since there’s no official word, there’s also no official release date. @JunkFoodLeaks_ is confident that we’ll see them later this year, if not sooner. (… and fingers crossed it’s much, much sooner.)

In the meantime, look out for this just-released Birthday Cake Kit Kat!

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