The NEW Colliders Dessert Puddings Taste Just Like Your Favorite Candy Bar

They've got 12 delicious flavors.

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This year has a pretty good track record so far when it comes to candy releases. From Hershey’s Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Kisses and M&M’s Mint Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich to Reese’s Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers Cup, 2021 seems to be shaping up to be a LOT sweeter than last year.

Now, in just time for the warmer months, we’ve got some news that trumps anything we’ve seen so far—a line of cold and creamy desserts that incorporate your favorite candy bars. Hello, Colliders—fancy running into you!

They’re the Perfect Summer Indulgence

Colliders is a brand-new line of dreamy dessert puddings that come in Twisted, Chopped and Layered varieties, and trust us, you won’t be able to pick a favorite. In Twisted, you’ve got a vanilla dessert base topped with pieces of either Reese’s, Kit Kat, Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme or Heath.

Chopped takes it a step further, with a creamy base topped off by pieces of your favorite chocolate and in some cases, extra toppings. It includes Hershey’s S’mores (marshmallow base, graham cracker crumbs and milk chocolate pieces) Reese’s (peanut butter base and milk chocolate pieces), Hershey’s Mint (cool mint base and dark chocolate pieces) and finally, the original Hershey’s (chocolate base and dark chocolate pieces).

If you want more pudding than crunch, the Layered line is what you’re looking for. It includes candy-inspired flavors like Reese’s (peanut butter base with a sweet milk chocolate topping), Mounds (rich coconut base topped off by a layer of dark chocolate), York (punchy peppermint base with a dark chocolate topping) and the super-sweet Rolo (caramel base with a milk chocolate topping).

Where Can I Get ‘Em?

These candy-flavored desserts are now available in 2-packs of 3.5oz single-serve cups at Target for $2.50—we’re trying the Reese’s Colliders first—and at most major retailers for $2.99. It’s not summer just yet, but that’s definitely not going to stop us from indulging in a few cups ourselves!

And hey, if you’re more of a DIY kinda person, we’ve got you. Check out our pudding recipes to make your own Colliders at home.

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