Coffee-Infused Wine Exists—Here’s Where You Can Get It

Why choose between a cup of coffee and a glass of vino? With cold-brew wine, you can have both!

Let’s be honest, there are few things in life as sumptuously fabulous as coffee and red, red wine. Of course, these two intense tastes can never be enjoyed in the same glass. Or can they? One winemaker seems to think so. Next month, Apothic Wines is releasing a brand-new drink—and you’re going to want to try it. Say hello to cold-brew wine. Spoiler: You may just fall in love with it. Prefer the traditional stuff? We tried the most popular boxed wines. Learn which tasted best.

Meet Apothic Brew

Apothic Brew is the coffee-infused red wine of your dreams—perfectly blending two of our favorite flavors into one delectable drink. The vino boasts fruity red notes, toasted oak and a low-key mocha undertone. The result should be a completely new taste sensation that appeals to both coffee lovers and wine enthusiasts. Luckily, there tends to be some overlap between those two groups of people. Here’s one more thing for coffee drinkers to cheer about.

Of course, if you want to get the full, unadulterated experience when sipping on the cold-brew wine, you need to know how to best serve it. It’s easy enough. As with most red wines, this particular one is best enjoyed at room temperature and you should also leave the bottle to breathe for a while before serving.

But wait just a minute, you might say, is a highly caffeinated alcoholic drink such a good idea? Well, no. No, it’s not. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. That’s why this cold-brew wine is not highly caffeinated. Thankfully, this is by no means a drink that’s going to give you a caffeine buzz. Despite its coffee-rich taste, Apothic Brew contains less caffeine than a standard cup of decaf. That’s a relief.

How to Buy

If this tasty cold-brew wine sounds like the thing for you, you’re in luck. Apothic Brew’s official small-batch release is in April 2018. After that, you should see bottles of the stuff popping up on shelves all over the U.S. What’s more, you can search the wine’s official site to find stores where the tempting cold-brew edition will be stocked.

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