This Creamer Will Turn Your Coffee Into Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Your morning just got a whole lot sweeter.

There are plenty of ways to banish the bitterness of your morning brew with homemade coffee creamer, but if you’re craving something sweeter to start your day, Coffee-Mate has just the thing. The brand is always serving up the best flavors (Red Velvet, anyone?), and this one might be the best yet. Kick your day off right with the peppermint mocha you can make at home with Coffee Mate’s Natural Bliss Dark Chocolate Peppermint creamer. Take it from us, this one’s a winner.

We Got the First Sip

Thanks to Coffee Mate’s generosity, we got a sneak peek at the all-new flavor. Dark Chocolate Peppermint is made with all-natural ingredients like real milk, cocoa, peppermint extract and cream, and none of the sweetness is lost or too overwhelming in this creamer. The shift between dark chocolate and peppermint is just subtle enough that neither flavor overpowers the other. Here are some more healthy coffee creamers to add to your early morning pick-me-up.

We fell in love with notes of cooling peppermint and rich dark mocha on the first sip. It makes any coffee taste gourmet, so you don’t need to make a coffee shop run to get a taste of your favorite seasonal latte. Needless to say, this creamer didn’t last long around the office, and we’re already craving more.

Not sure how to make the perfect cup? Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s Available Now!

Natural Bliss Dark Chocolate Peppermint is probably already stocked at your local grocery store. If you catch one of these in the creamer aisle, you’d be smart to snag more than one. One 16 oz. bottle will only cost you $3.29 at any major retailer, so definitely don’t be afraid to stock up before winter. Like all the best things, this creamer is a seasonal treat made for the holidays, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t miss out on this sweet treat—we know we won’t.

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