We Just Heard About Cocktail Drink Bombs, and We Need Them ASAP

These magical drink bombs will make you an instant mixologist. It's time to pour a cocktail!

Whatever you might have to say about 2020, trend-wise it was the year of the bomb. You know, the edible variety! It started with chocolaty hot cocoa bombs that melted into a decadent beverage, then the trend exploded with tea bombs that turned our morning cups into works of art. It even evolved into broth bombs, with their flavorful blend of spices and herbs.

The next logical step—cocktail drink bombs that transform every evening into a cause for celebration.

How Do Cocktail Bombs Work?

The company behind this mixology magic is My Drink Bomb and they sell versions in more than 25 flavors, from sour apple martinis to cosmos. In other words, something to wet everyone’s whistle. They work like all of the other bombs, including traditional bath bombs, in that they fizz and dissolve in liquid. In this case, that liquid can be anything carbonated like soda, beer or sparkling water to set the action in motion. Then add your liquor of choice and chill on ice.

You could also use these drink bombs to make mocktails since the bombs themselves don’t contain any alcohol. All you have to do is use sparkling water and omit the liquor. The company even sells a version for children called Bomb Squad for Kids with flavors like bubblegum and birthday cake. Sweet!

Where Can I Buy Them?

Each bomb can make one or two drinks and they’re available in packs of two, four, six and even 12. The cocktail bombs are available for purchase on the My Drink Bomb site and start at $12.50 for a two-pack.

Krista Garcia
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