This Coca-Cola Recall Affects 7,000+ Cases in at Least 8 States—Here’s What to Look For

Updated: Nov. 07, 2023

To stay safe, take a closer look at the Coca-Cola, Sprite and Minute Maid drinks in your refrigerator.

This Coke recall may have created the biggest soda buzz since New Coke. The Coca-Cola Company announced two recalls—one involving 12-oz. cans of Coke and Sprite, and another that affects Minute Maid products.

Both recalls were issued because the company suspects “foreign matter” may be present in cans and cartons that have been distributed across the country.

This is why certain Coke bottles have yellow caps.

What Products Have Been Recalled?

If you’re a fan of Sprite, Coca-Cola or Minute Maid products, take a look inside your refrigerator.

Sprite & Coke Recall

The Sprite and Coca-Cola recall was issued in late November, according to the Defense Commissary Agency. Because the soda has such a long shelf life, it’s still worth taking a look in your refrigerator or garage. The cans were distributed in the Southeastern states, though no specific states were mentioned in the recall announcement. It affects the following products:

  • Coca-Cola 12-pack Fridge Pack, 12-oz. cans with the Date Codes “AUG 1522 WM B” and “AUG 1522 WM C”
  • Sprite 12-pack Fridge Pack, 12-oz. cans with the Date Code “AUG 1522 WM B”

Minute Maid Recall

Coca-Cola announced the Minute Maid recall on December 10, and according to Food Safety News, affected products were distributed in these states: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Virginia. The cartons may contain metal bolts or washers, and the recall affects more than 7,000 cases. The following drinks have been named in the recall:

  • Minute Maid Berry Punch, 59-fl. oz. (1.8-qt.) cartons with the Date Codes “Jan0422 NP” and “Jan0522 NP” and Batch Numbers “0010323455” and “0010259344”
  • Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 59-fl. oz.(1.8-qt.) cartons with the Date Code “Jan0322 NP” and Batch Number “0010259346”
  • Minute Maid Fruit Punch, 59-fl. oz.(1.8-qt.) cartons with the Date Code “JAN0522 NP” and Batch Number “0010323454”

What Do I Do If I Have a Recalled Beverage?

If you’ve purchased any of the affected Coca-Cola products, you should immediately throw them out or return them to the place of purchase for a refund. Under no circumstances should you drink any of the affected products.

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