Coca-Cola Just Released This AHA Sparkling Water, and We Need It Right Now

Look out for eight different (and unexpected!) flavors.

It seems like everyone is drinking sparkling water right now. Maybe you enjoy the most well-known variety, LaCroix. Maybe you’re sipping Pepsi’s entry in the competition, Bubly, or Perrier, Klarbrunn or one of the other top brands in our sparkling water taste test.

If none of those appeal to you, maybe your taste buds just haven’t had that aha! moment yet. Enter Coca-Cola’s brand-new offering: AHA sparkling water.

What Is This Stuff?

For the first time in more than 10 years, Coke’s releasing an entirely new line, and we’re beyond excited to pop open a can. AHA sparkling water is fizzy, flavored water much like Bubly or LaCroix, and it comes in eight (!!!) different flavors. Coke says they wanted to offer customers “something fresh and new.” From the sound of these flavor pairs, they succeeded!

Here’s a look at the AHA sparkling water flavors:

  • Lime + Watermelon
  • Strawberry + Cucumber
  • Citrus + Green Tea
  • Black Cherry + Coffee
  • Orange + Grapefruit
  • Apple + Ginger
  • Blueberry + Pomegranate
  • Peach + Honey

The flavor combos are unique to the point where it’s hard to predict what they might taste like, but we have no doubt they’ll be a treat.

Plus, two of the flavors—Citrus + Green Tea and Black Cherry + Coffee—contain 30 mg of caffeine per can, just slightly less than what’s in a Diet Coke. Find more healthy carbonated drinks to indulge in.

How Can I Buy a 12-Pack?

Coca-Cola says these beverages can be purchased in packs of 12-ounce cans and single 16-ounce cans, and it’s a safe bet you’ll be able to find them wherever Coke products are sold. They’ll be replacing Dasani Sparkling, but never fear: Dasani sparkling water will still be available at Coca-Cola Freestyle locations.

AHA was scheduled to hit shelves on March 2, so you should be able to dash to your grocery store and pick up a case today. We’ll be right behind you: We’re feeling pretty bubbly about this whole thing!

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