Disney Just Shared a Virtual Tour of Cinderella’s Castle Suite—and It’s Magical

Our wish just came true!

Disney World is one of our favorite places on earth. From the food to the fireworks—there’s magic around every corner. And recently, the official Disney Parks TikTok page shared a sneak peek that even we hadn’t seen before: an exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite Tour! Here’s what you need to know.

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Wait…Where Is the Cinderella Castle Suite?

If you’ve never heard of it, the Cinderella Castle Suite is a luxurious guest room located inside Cinderella castle at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. It’s so exclusive, Disney doesn’t even put a price tag on the suite. Stays are typically reserved for special guests or contest winners.

What Does It Look like?

Disney’s exclusive tour takes us right inside the Cinderella Castle suite. And wow, we’d trade all of the glass slippers in the world for a chance to visit in person!

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First, we catch a glimpse of the royal bedchamber. And while the beds are fit for a king, we’re more impressed with the tiny details hidden throughout the room. The “C” above the bed, for example, stands for Prince Charming, not Cinderella. After all, it was his place first!

Moving on, we see beautiful art, stained glass windows featuring some of our favorite characters (looking at you, Jacques and Gus Gus!) plus a magical mirror that plays the Cinderella movie.

Praying to your fairy godmother yet? You will be after seeing the bathroom. The wash area includes simple basins (a nod to Cindy’s humble roots) and crown-shaped chandeliers. But the bathtub is the true star of the show. It’s nestled beneath a realistic starry sky and flanked by three intricate mosaics.

When it’s time to check out, guests get the ultimate princess treatment and receive their very own glass slipper. (Even through we’d rather stay in the suite forever!)

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