Trim Your Table with This Festive Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Want to add a bit of cheer to your holiday place settings? Learn how to get a Christmas tree napkin fold for trimming your table.

Green napkin folded like a Christmas treePhoto: Taste of Home

When it comes to the holidays, who doesn’t love sitting down to an impressive Christmas dinner? Whether you slice into a turkey, ham or prime rib (my favorite), Christmas dinner is a special occasion. So why not make your place settings feel a little extra special, too?

With the right napkin fold, you can make each plate feel extra celebratory and a little extra fancy to boot. For the holidays, I like to bypass my traditional fan fold for something more festive: a Christmas tree! This fold is super simple (really!) and it makes a great addition to any tablescape. Let’s break this down step by step.

Green napkin laid flatPhoto: Taste of Home

Step 1

The start of any good napkin fold is a clean, pressed napkin (a little spray starch or sizing helps this napkin origami hold its shape too). For this Christmas fold, start by folding your square napkin in half and then in half again, so you have a square a quarter of the original size.

Folded green napkinPhoto: Taste of Home

Step 2

Position your napkin in front of you so all the loose edges are facing toward you. Then take that first flap and bring it up to the top of your diamond.

Green napkin with several more similar folds in itPhoto: Taste of Home

Step 3

Repeat this with the other layers, staggering slightly.

Green napkin now flipped to have its folded side downPhoto: Taste of Home

Step 4

Then flip your napkin over so the folds are against your work surface. The point of the (former) diamond should be facing away from you.

Green napkin beginning to take on a tree shapePhoto: Taste of Home

Step 5

Then fold your sides inward toward the middle. At the center top, a point should form (this is the tip of your tree).

Green napkin flipped again and taking on a tree shapePhoto: Taste of Home

Step 6

Turn your napkin back over. You can tell it’s starting to get its tree shape!

Tucking in the layers of the green napkin to make the treePhoto: Taste of Home

Step 7

Now, take those flaps and turn them under. This will help form the layers of the tree.

Tucking in the bottom of the tree to complete the shapePhoto: Taste of Home
Step 8

Continue all the way to the bottom, turning every flap under so you have a tree with that classic triangular shape.

Gif of tree-shaped napkin being foldedPhoto: Taste of Home

Just pop one of these adorable origami-esque trees on top of each place setting and you have an instantly merry tablescape.

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